Below is a list of books that I have written. I've spent the last eight months writing book one, Prophetic Parallels - Journey to the Promised Land. As time permits, I plan on looking at other parallels in the scriptures that are relevant to us today.


A lot of time has been spent proof reading the following books. I thank those who have helped me in this long, arduous task to ensure they are error free. However, if you do happen to find any mistakes, please email them to me so I can ensure these books remain free of mistakes.


If you have been blessed by these books, I would appreciate your comments. This is my only reward, apart from the blessings I have personally received as I have studied for them.


It is unlikely everyone will appreciate my books. I welcome your constructive criticisms. If you feel my conclusions or interpretations of scripture is wrong, please let me know. I'm learning just like everyone else.


Prophetic Parallels

Journey to the Promised Land



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Israel’s deliverance from Egypt is one of the most thrilling stories found in the Bible. One can’t help but wonder in awe at the mighty power of God as He brought His people out of Egypt and conquered the mightiest army the world had ever seen. When the fullness of time had come, God raised up a leader to deliver His people. The long hoped for promise would finally be fulfilled.


Although the journey would be slow on foot, the distance from Egypt to the Promised Land was short. It would not take too long to reach their destination. Under the direction of the great I AM, no one would be able to stand in their way. They were invincible. Or where they?


What started out as short journey to inherit the Promised Land, turned into forty long years of wandering in the wilderness. What went wrong? Were God’s promises faulty? How could over two million people fail to enter what was promised them?


The children of Israel did eventually inherit the Promised Land. God’s promises were fulfilled, but there was a delay of forty years. There are many lessons we can learn from this tragic event, but few realize the story of Israel’s deliverance and wilderness wanderings accurately foretells the Adventist movement from its rise until the time of its deliverance at the second coming of Jesus.


As we trace Israel’s journey through the wilderness, we will find amazing similarities between their experience and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As prophecy unlocks the future, so Israel’s wilderness experience unlocks the history of God’s last day remnant Church. Finally, we can find the answers to questions like, why hasn’t the Lord returned yet, and what does God require of me to be ready?


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